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Killa Burger Grill

I recall trying this place when it first opened. The lines were ridiculously long, the food was cold and the service was poor. 

It's been a fair period of time for a company to expand and hopefully improve over that time. 
I set my eyes on the Ninja Burger : Chicken, Mayo, Cameralised Onions, Satay Peanut Sauce. 
The chicken was dry and the sauce felt cold.  After the first bite, I was sure nothing could save this burger now.

The chips were decent for chunky cuts and the large range of sauces is always great. We settled for two, Cheese and Chili Sauce. Cheese was passable... not something I'd order again. Tasted like a cheesy flavoured mayo with no so much cheese flavour. The chili sauce reminded me of the stuff you can get at Shanghainese restaurants. Nice and spicy.
My friend got the Mountain Burger and despite it being a beef burger he found a bone in one of the patties. Enough to turn me off Killa Burger forever.