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Royce Nama Chocolate Champagne Pierre Mignon

So my recent visit to Singapore led to Royce. A chocolate that was famous enough to come up in my searches as things to buy or try when I'm there.
The picture above is of a cooler bag that was provided with my chocolate because it must be stored below 10 degrees. We had to buy this last minute before we left because the cooler would only survive the trip from hotel to the airport.. especially in the Singaporean weather.
Inside the cooler bag is a green chocolate box tagged proudly with Royce Chocolate.
Inside that is another packaging layer that wrapped the tray of chocolates. There was also a guide that showed how to eat it and other products in their range. Also provided was this spoon/cutter that allowed for easy access to the chocolate.

The chocolate has a shelf life of one month which meant it needed to be devoured quickly... which wasn't really an issue as I decided to share it with friends who were more than happy to help. 

The chocolate was advertised to me as one of their most popular. I wasn't too sure as I'm not a liquor chocolate fanatic but decided to take his word for it. The texture of chocolate was different. A bit like a soft fudge... though very smooth and silky. The liquor taste was very noticeable and made it slightly bitter. Not the nice bitter I normally enjoy from dark chocolate.
I think at the end of the day I was expecting something amazing.. maybe it was the hype of the product before I got there... or the fact it was their best seller.. or even the fact I had to get a cooler bag to carry it.... it was just underwhelming for that effort.