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Through my usual rummaging on Zomato, I accidentally stumbled upon the wonder of Afganhi food at Kabul House. Once it was on my radar, it was only a matter of time I'd be visiting.

When you walk in.. to be honest it doesn't look that welcoming.. the staff were just busy doing their own thing and there was no super friendly greetings followed by "Please take a seat". To be fair they only just opened. It's when the food comes out.. that's when the fireworks appear.

My wife, lover of anything rice related, went for the Mix Chalaw - rice with three skewers of Lamb, Chicken and Shami with a side of bread, salad and sauce. Shami is essentially mince meat held together with egg and spices.

I just ordered a Shami Kebab which came with two skewers of Shami kebab, bread salad and sauce.

When we got served, we each got our servings of salad, the sauces were to share and only one serving of bread.... I didn't bother correcting them about the bread shortage and just shared some of my wife's rice to get full.

The meats that came with the rice were surprisingly juicy and tender. I love the fact the meats were so simple yet so fantastic. Just doing the basics well is always ore than enough. When you cut into the Shami.. the juices and oils slowly drizzle out... it was a delight with every bite.  

The sauces on offer was a chilli sauce (very similar to tabasco but with a bit more kick) and a yoghurt. The sauces complimented incredibly well with the meats, rice and bread... so much so we literally drenched every bite with it.The chilli really wakens up the taste buds and paired with the yoghurt to ease the fire.

The salad was just average... but it had its purpose as being the base element to balance the intensity with a neutral essence of freshness to the meal.

We loved the bread as well... not the usual flat bread you might receive but a light and fluffy center with crispy outer edges... we do kind of regret not getting a second piece to enjoy.

To finish off we shared a serving of Baklava... which was drenched in rose syrup... just the way i like it. I'll make sure I order my own next time as sharing it wasn't enough to satisfy my sugar cravings.

I definitely recommend their tea to wash down the meal with. It just completed it with perfection. Plus they never brought us our free table water.

Sure the service ain't as sharp as it should be... but as long as my food comes out like this every time... I'm definitely coming back again and again.

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