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Mamee Monster Snek Mi BBQ

The packaging brings up so many memories as a Asian kid in the schoolyard sporting a bowl haircut....
I love how this snack has the feeling of being a kid again... dried noodles in a packet with seasoning... doesn't sound that appealing as an adult but how fantastic was the feeling to open your lunchbox with a packet sitting beside your sandwich....

Ironic though because I personally don't like noodle dishes as much as rice dishes.

I was excited to eat this again....I haven't had it for so long.  You dump the seasoning in, crush the noodles and serve. I never really got the technique down pat of evenly seasoning each bite rather than amassing a lot of salt at the bottom.
Just the taste of dry noodle and salty BBQ seasoning.... not so delicious now but I enjoyed reminiscing.

Snickers Icecream

Not normally something I'd splash money on at the supermarket but I felt generous that day...
I love Snickers... more so than the Mars bar. Must be because I'm nuts for peanuts.

Individually packaged ice-cream bars in the box makes for a good way to spread out eating it all in one go. Though I can't say the packaging was enough to stop me from wolfing down more than 1 per sitting.
The ice-cream is beautiful and smooth. Surrounded by chocolate mixed with caramel and peanuts. This is a definite improvement on the normal Snickers bar (Just when I thought I already tasted perfection) 
They do have a nice range of other flavours... but I cant imagine steering away from my beloved Snickers...

Huang Fei Hong Chilli Peanuts

Huang Fei Hong... umm when did the Chinese Kung Fu master starting making peanuts.... the martial arts sector must have slowed down after guns got invented.
With my fingers crossed that the images of the packaging are corrected. I opened to be happily surprised to find chilli peanuts.
The peppers they used definitely had Sichuan resemblance. As any good Asian chilli snack, this left a linger and long burning sensation. Can easily be found the Asian grocers in Chinatown.

To be honest the peanuts themselves aren't roasted nicely with a plastic feel and the chilli has a weird taste to it. But it's still burning minutes later.
Look at the chilli's left at the bottom of the packet. This sure explained a lot. 

I can't promise this snack will deliver a pleasant experience but the spicy factor is fantastic.

Peckish Rice Crackers Wasabi Flavour

Big thanks for my loving fiancée for bring me this snack. I secretly think she loves keeping me fat...
It's rice crackers and they aren't my most favourite things to eat in the world. It has the typical thinner, lighter and crispier tagline on their packaging. I always don't expect much...

But WOW! I love how it does taste very light and thin. I can't speak for the other flavours but this one is intense. I had to stop eating after a few because the Wasabi hit was too intense for me. Different crackers have different intensities as they weren't all even.
I'm now left paralysed temporarily from the Wasabi attack.. which makes me think the none deadly flavours with such intense flavouring can only be a good thing. Can't wait!

Yoosh Apple Iced Tea

I needed a quick and cheap thirst quencher.. a stop over at Daiso (despite the 2km walking detour from where I work) led me to this tasty and refreshing treat.
A combination of black tea extract and apple flavouring makes for a nice and sweet product that isn't drowned out by water and sugar. Despite those two making up for majority of the product. 

I like how the bottle isn't round as well and not made from that cheap recyclable plastic that crumbles like paper. I can proudly reuse this as my water bottle for a week or so.

Yoosh makes a wide range of iced tea drinks but probably more famous for their Aloe Vera drink. I'm happy to go back and give this Taiwanese product range another try.

Castello Reserve Prast

So what makes a $9 cheese (that's not close to expiring) become a $3 cheese....

The packaging is very appealing. A nice prestigious feel to it.

From their website:
"This Swedish cheese dates back to medieval times. Originally made by priests, this salty spicy yet creamy hard cheese is the holy grail of tongue tingling tastiness. The salty crystals in this grainy strong cheese inspire the tongue into action. To get people talking, try serving it on hunks of crusty white bread drizzled with balsamic, a glass of fine port and some late night conversation."

It's a hard cheese that crumbles as you try to cut it into smaller pieces. Tastes like cheddar but I kind of like the small grains of salt randomly scattered. At the end of the day I'm still a soft cheese kind-of-guy but I'll keep on trying these hard cheeses until I find something I like.

Fantastic Bursts Sour Cream & Chives

Wow good on you Fantastic for attempting to re-brand the "healthy" rice cracker.

I'm really loving the packaging. So bright and colourful. Really gives off that happy vibe about a snack that use to be oh-so-plain. And yes it use to be a horrible snack that I wouldn't want to buy even if it's on sale.

What's the verdict you ask? YUM! I'm really loving the slightly overcooked cracker giving you that nice toasted taste. The sour cream and chives seasoning (a flavour that can't go wrong) is not plentiful but very evenly covering the cracker and really compliments it nicely.

I'm excited to give their range a second chance and give some of the flavours a re-taste (any excuse to snack).

Double Stuff Oreo

Best Oreo flavour out there!! A big claim I know....
Of all the Australian released flavours. This has got to be my favourite. Look at that double cream. It just screams I'm so wrong but how can you resist.
*munch* Yum! Its the perfect improvement to the already great Oreo biscuit. Still waiting for that Double Stuff Peanut Butter Oreo. 

Butter Cream Ube Crackers

What is Ube? Ube [ooh-beh] is purple yam and are popular in Filipino desserts.

I recall seeing Ube mentioned in an episode of Bizarre Foods where they featured an Ube and Cheese Ice-cream in a bun. I've yet to eat it that way, but very very interested.
I was expecting the crackers to have ube cream in between them for some reason. What I got instead was a nice sweet and creamy texture and it made it so pleasant to keep eating. Its light and each small packaging contained enough to keep me content.
Yum.. writing about it makes me want to go grab some more now... time to have an Ube break...

Lindt Creation Divine Hazelnut

If you love chocolate, you will love Lindt and all their creations.... especially this one.
These Lindt block of chocolates are a lot smaller than you're usual Cadbury's and Nestles. But what you have here is the ultimate battle of quality vs quantity and personally I'm loving the quality.

Your taste buds get to enjoy a sweet and dense inner cream covered in milky chocolate that's made to perfection. Followed by the nutty hazelnut taste.. doesn't taste cheap like Nutella.
Only a few of this range actually appeals to me, so I've stocked up on a few with more reviews to come.

Pretz - Curry

I personally try and stop buying snacks that don't have enough English to identify what the item is.
This one slipped through my filters.....
Judging from the packaging I can only assume it be some curry flavoured sticks. Fortunately I got lucky this time and upon opening the sealed packaging a gust of curry powder smell invaded my desk and I was slightly relieved. 

The stick like snack ( I assume its an attempt to emulate a bread stick) is lightly seasoned with curry powder (non spicy) and very enjoyable to eat. The flavouring is not intense, hence you can easily polish off the whole packet in one sitting.
There's a wide range of sweet and savoury bread sticks and I for one am eager to try and review all of them if I can. In the mean time I give the Curry Flavour my tick of approval.

Pringles Sour Cream & Onion

This entry is going to be lame but it pays tribute to one of the classic snacks that's easily recognisable.
It has one of the best sour cream and onion flavouring snacks out there and you can't really fault a Pringle chip. A not-so-oily chip thats perfectly shaped for your mouth. It just begs to be eaten.

Not only is this one of my all time favourite Pringles flavour it's also one of the biggest debates among me and my Fiancée.
She stands and fights for the red corner - Original.


I wear my green Sour Cream and Onion colours with pride....

That's why we always come home with two cans....first world problems....

Cote d'or Bouchee

So my weekly Thursday dinner sessions at my soon to be in-laws allows for some interesting snack sessions. They are always more than happy to feed me new things and I'm always a willing participant.
Bouchee, sometimes referred to as elephant chocolate because of the logo on the packaging, is owned by Kraft Foods and launched since 2001. The elephant symbolises the African origin of the cocoa bean used in the making of their chocolates.  

It's a Belgium milk chocolate filled with hazelnut, almond and cashew nut praline. 

Its a very sweet chocolate with a mousse-like center and it all just melts in your mouth beautifully. I think for the non-chocolate lovers the chocolate sensation is too strong and intense. 

This is available at your local supermarket, so tickle that sweet tooth of yours and try it.

F&N Cool Ice Cream Soda

Cool Ice-Cream Soda!! Sounds good enough to deserve a taste...
I know I must be getting old when I drank this and felt like it tasted like candy melted in water. It has a slight hint of vanilla... assuming to simulate vanilla ice-cream. Not worth spreading the word but I love the flavour name.

I must be getting over soft drinks... just give me my ice cold water....

Onion Flavoured Rings

As a kid I recall my parents always having a bag of these in the house for me and my sister to snack on...
A light and airy snack tasting of onion, salt and sugar. It's beautiful, it's perfect and it's gone in one sitting.
I can't help to feel young and happy eating this snack. It's been around for ages and has survived the test of time... though I don't see many other onion ring competitors. 

If you've never tried it, this comes with a high recommendation to try, easily found at your local supermarket or Asian grocery store. 

Bounty Cherry

So Bounty (owned by Mars) releases a challenger to battle the one and only Cherry Ripe (owned by Cadbury). Who wins??

A coconut and cherry filling encased in beautiful milk chocolate. I'm drooling just thinking about it.
The taste is fantastic, like a Bounty and Cherry ripe's love-child.

The cherry flavour was released in 2006 as a limited time offer but still remains in the shops today. 

I personally love both Cherry Ripe and Bounty and they both remain high on my list of favourite chocolate bars. This combination gives me the best of both worlds...what next a coconut flavoured Cherry ripe?

Kettle Chunky Mediterranean Herbs & Spices

If Kettle releases a new range of snacks, you can trust me to be there to try.
I'm a big believer of the Kettle brand. It doesn't usually make a product/flavour that is disappointing.

Upon seeing this, I assumed they finally stole my idea and only made chips that have many folds. If you know what I'm talking about then you too love this rare but superb occurrence in your packet.

Instead its a thicker and more harder chip. It crunches hard which is really satisfying and has a taste of sundried tomato and rosemary. Initially I was unimpressed but eventually got use to the consistency of the chip and actually enjoyed it enough to polish it all off. The one downside is why is the chip packet so small for the same price as the larger normal Kettles?
Until they finally make a bag of only folded chips... I guess I'll have to stick to buying these to satisfy my cravings...

An Phat Cake Shop Durian Bean Paste & Yolk

Made from the An Phat Cake Shop in Cabramatta but I purchased it from a distributor out in Canley Heights.
I've always loved this kind of Asian snack. Filled with creamy and flavoursome bean paste. This one in particular was the Durian one. I'm personally not a big Durian fan but really love their by-products. The outer pastry tastes like it stale but I'm pretty sure that's how its meant to be and there's an egg yolk in the middle (another personal pet hate is the yolk in this and other sweets like Moon Cake).
I've been on a mini mission lately to introduce Durian flavours to my work colleagues knowing fair well how many people are disgusted by the taste if they were not brought up on it. I've started them on Durian candy... very mild sensation. Next up will have to be some wafer biscuit.

For those who don't know, Durian is a fruit that's usually enjoyed in the South-Eastern Asian countries. It's covered in thorns and has a very strong odour, so strong that the edible flesh emits the smell penetrating the husk. The smell is really a hit or miss kind of thing. Some regard it is fragrant and beautiful and some find the aroma more overpowering and revolting. The smell has been described as almonds, rotten onions, turpentine, raw sewage, and smelly socks.
The smell is so strong that lot's of hotels have banished the fruit from being brought in.
The only thing that annoyed me about this delicious sweet is the red stamping. Umm... the label of your business is already on the packaging... don't go red stamping all over my food!!!