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The Natural Confectionery Co. Smoothie Chews

So lately the local supermarkets have been having a sale frenzy on lollies and I'm always happy to appease them by adding some as backup in my pantry. 
I love the fact it's very chewy and the flavour is long lasting. Downside is that you get a sore jaw after a few pieces. Maybe that's a good thing for the waistline. 

The flavours it comes in are: Apple and Raspberry, Mixed Berry, Strawberry and Banana, and Mango and Passionfruit. They all sound pretty nice and safe. The lolly is constructed with one flavour wrapping around the other flavour and easily distinguished by the different colours.
No flavour really stood out to be but I guess it would be a great drawer filler incase you feel that need for a sugar hit.
The marketing department even attempted to entertain us by placing questions on each of the wrapper (more personal than trivia).
Questions include:
What's your nickname at school or work?
What new chew flavour would you like to create?
What's your all time favourite TV Show?

I guess it would be great if you run out of questions to ask on that awkward first date....