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Shrimp Flavoured Cracker Hot & Spicy

This packaging should be iconic amongst the Asian communities. Even if you wander through the Asian grocery section at your local supermarket, you'll notice these chips there. It must be only chip westerners think Asians eat....

I'm glad they ventured off their traditional flavour and made it Hot & Spicy. Unfortunately it was neither Hot or Spicy. I think I felt something that mildly resembled Spicy... but its basically the original flavour with a possible lame spicy seasoning. Such a shame though... I'm not usually let down by spice from Asian brands.

I can't hate it though. So much memories as a lil' asian kid sporting a bowl haircut chomping on these shrimpy crisps....

Ching Poo Luong

So I've seen this and pretty sure I've had this at a restaurant and was excited to see it in a can. Ready to serve from the fridge to my belly....

Ching Poo Luong consists of peas, wheat flake, red bean, glutinous rice, pearl barley, peanuts, lotus seeds, dioscorea rhizophora, longans, suger (sic), and water. Its a sweet cold coup dessert mainly served in Cantonese and Vietnamese meals.

I really like the fact it comes with a three fold spoon. I was careful in assembling it as I didn't want to have to scull this from a can if I broke my only utensil.

Does this photo make the soup look thick, filled with beans, and slightly unpleasant. Well that's how it tasted.... and to make it worse.. it wasn't sweet enough either. I think I'll stick with ordering my over sugary $4 a cup version at my local Pho restauarant..

White Chocolate Mint Cookies 'n' Cream

Wow! The flavour itself is reason enough to get this snack. What an over ambitious chef to combine so many flavours into a single bite!
This was also bought from the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company. Well worth a stop by as mentioned in a previous blog.

When opening the packet, the mint flavour escapes fast and strong punching you in the face. They've added way too much mint that it drowns all the other flavours. It's so bad you can't even really taste the white chocolate. That's a big thumbs down from me because I love my white chocolate!

I'm really liking the rough texture of the cookies and cream though. But its very hard to hate cookies and cream. The more I eat, this mint sensation is giving me the feeling I just brushed my teeth. Maybe they can just take the mint out and replace it with toothpaste and make it into some type of miracle super product.

Choceur White Crisp Chocolate

Hi five to my fiances sister for giving me this snack. It can be purchased from Aldi. Im always on the lookout for non major branded products that taste better than the major players.

What better item to try than white chocolate. With crisp too!

The white chocolate tastes weird. It has an unnecessary hint of strawberry mixed in the white chocolate. Its got lil bits of small crisps on the back of the block which I enjoy. Its just like a white chocolate Crunch bar but unfortunately for Aldi...Crunch won this one hands down. 

Poppin Microwave Popcorn - Cheese

So my fiance sees an ad on TV for cheese flavoured microwave popcorn and the next thing you know we're roaming around Woolies wondering why this isn't on the shelves yet.

Fortunately she was able to locate it at our non local supermarket. Finally got her hands on one! I'm normally a Triple Butter kinda bear (because double butter just isn't giving me the full heart-attack commitment I need in a snack). I personally didn't really enjoy the Cheese flavour. Its not that it was bad, it just wasn't as cheesy as it could be. Maybe they're saving it for their new flavour Triple Cheese. We can only hope. Though the overall survey of our guests during movie night was all yay's for Cheese popcorn. It was demolished in a few minutes! You be the judge, spend the $1.70 and have your say!

Chocolate Rocks

So what is there to do at Hunter Valley... visit Hunter Valley Chocolate on Broke Road of course....

On every trip to Hunter, it's a tradition for us to visit this place, usually to get my typical marshmallows dipped in a chocolate fondue.

This time my fiance's sister makes a purchase that looks like it belongs on the shelf of a amateur geologist.

These chocolates look amazing.. almost too beautiful to eat.. but beauty aside, the chocolates tasted like a blander version of an M&M. I think for the people that aren't after a super rich chocolate sensation, then this is definitely for you. Though to be honest, because it wasn't super sweet.. it tasted kinda like cheap chocolate. 

All in all, my visit to the store never disappoints. I manage to break the tradition and bought a new chocolate snack to review instead of dipping into the fondue....

Oreo Strawberry Cream

Wow.. did you know with all the snacks I've eaten I've never tried the Strawberry flavour Oreo. I think its because I'm not a big strawberry flavour kinda guy.

Does it have that dreaded sour after-taste that I'm expecting from a strawberry flavour? No... phew! That's a relief. Is it better than all the other flavours. No!

I've been scratching my head thinking for a few hours what the flavour reminds me of. Its such a familiar taste, like something I grew up with. Then it finally hit me... it tastes like Strawberry Nesquick.

Most likely it will not make the next shopping list for me.... What can you do with those Strawberry Oreos? Making it into this:

IMEI Choco Puff

Choco Puffs... you had me at Choco....

Meiji is famous for their popular Asian snacks like Hello Panda and Yan Yan.

Unfortunately Imei has made a very poor attempt to compete with Hello Panda in this product.

Within the sealed packaging, the sides are covered in chocolate because the outer shell isn't keeping the chocolate contained and its melted everywhere.

The pastry is oily tasting and the chocolate flavour was minimal and disappeared amongst the fatty tasting of the outer coating. Very disappointing failed product.

Coles Meat Pie

Is it wrong that when I bought this, I was expecting it to be horrible and that I'm only eating it for the blog's sake.

Let's start with the packaging, its Australian made, it has no added MSG and it says new recipe. I'm no meat pie expert so I'm very curious what a new recipe would do to  the basic meat pie. 

I'm surprise how it actually tasted like a normal branded pie. I'm sure it would have tasted even better i I cooked it it in the oven than the microwave.

From a recent study from Today Tonight (super serious stuff there) Coles Meat Pie tested to have one of the highest fat content... maybe that's the secret to their recipe.

Harry's Banana Caramel Swirl

Another of my fiancée's purchases from our local Woolies. She's in love with this brand...

Beautifully packaged as always but such a small container of ice-cream. Is the definition of gourmet: small serving sizes. It has a very artificial banana tasting ice-cream, like they blended those infamous banana shaped lollies I had when I was a kid. The caramel flavour is almost non existent. Where is the caramel???

So I finally reach the bottom of the container and voilà all the caramel sits there hiding under this banana counterpart, like those cheap Maccas sundaes where all my delicious fudge is at the bottom of the pig fat. The caramel was oh-so-sweet and beautiful to eat and paired up with the below par ice-cream... actually made a decent after dinner treat. 

Kurkure Chilli Chatka

Okay... if you've been following my blog you might have noticed I bulk bought a lot different flavours in this brand.

Ummm what is with all the flavours tasting the same. It feels as if they lessened some chilli in one and added a bit more citrus in some but essentially no matter what they call it, it tastes the same.

Not to say its a bad thing, the flavours work great together and its the 3rd night in a row where I've eaten a whole bag. I'm personally too scared to step on the scales today, there can be no good news from that.

I'm still recommending others to try this. Let me know if you think they all taste the same too or have I got crazy... crazy for the burn...

Lay's India's Magic Masala

The packet sat on the shelf.. unwanted and unloved and crushed.. literally... sold at a discount just to rid itself from the shop...

Fortunately the flavour itself immediately caught my eye. Masala means spice/s. I usually associate it to a chilli-like flavour.. at least most masala-labelled items coincidentally have that taste. I'm a big fan of trying country specific snacks...

The taste resembles a typical Indian mixed snack... unfortunately not spicy at all but still quite pleasant to eat. I'm just happy to try a different Lay's flavour.

Cheese Ritz Crackers

I grew up on Ritz biscuits. There was something about them that my parents loved and I now have a soft spot for it.
The fatty in my says "Anything with cheese on top makes it better." Fortunately Ritz has kept this saying true.

How do you keep a great simple cracker like Ritz great?... add cheese! I like the light taste of cheese through the cracker that I've grown to love but best of all I like to snack it with a can of John West tuna.
The cracker is so simple and so light but unfortunately IS NOT a healthy snack. Just a nice change to the super oily chips I love. If you want the healthier choice.. there's a LOW FAT option available.

To be honest, its not the most addictive snack that's on the market and I don't ever crave it....BUT its been around since 1934, it's familiar and it'll always be a family favourite.

Snyder's of Hanover Jalapeno Pretzel Pieces

Yum! Jalapeño flavour.. the weak baby of the chillis.

The oh-so-famous quote “These pretzels are making me thirsty” – Made famous by Seinfield…
These pretzels make me feel like I’ve trekked through the Sahara for days without water…

After 10 pieces.. I managed to scull down half a litre of water and my mouth is still covered in seasoning…
The seasoning, unlike traditional snacks, is actually baked into the pretzel and then the pretzel looks like it was broken into irregular pieces.

That being said, you can't put this down as a flavour-less snack. It's far from it and aside from the overuse of seasoning.. it's not bad. Just have a bottle (or two) of water handy.

N.B Tried to finish the snack a few days later but felt sickened by the smell of jalapeno...had to give it away to the work colleagues... 

Choc Nut Peanut Milk Chocolate

First off, thanks to my fiancée's auntie for the bag of Filo snacks. This laid amongst the goodies and I was excited to try.. peanut milk chocolate screams delicious!

Oh dear god.... where have you been all my life. I love this snack. This tiny bite-size snack just crumbles as you open the packaging and the chocolate embraces the peanut butter taste and just melts ever so nicely in your mouth.

What a perfect combination! My only complaint is the pieces are way too small and requires me to test my skills in opening up another without crumbling this heavenly bite-size snack.
The image above is of an almost successful unwrapping. I think part of the fun in eating it is unwrapping and keeping the chocolate in mint condition. The reward  is even more sweeter.

Pringles BBQ

"Once you pop, you can't stop." Oh how true does this tag-line ring.

Pringles makes the most beautifully cut chip, sitting so well in its can. The chip ( a perfect hyperbolic paraboloid) lays perfectly on your tongue and then crunch..... I love the combination of the perfect amount of seasoning on a not so oily chip and the BBQ flavour is nothing new but works well in this  crunchy delight format. The rarity nowadays is to buy something from a particular range and know that no matter which flavour you get, you'll get a good snack each time.
The only thing I really hate about Pringles is when you get a dud can. A dud can is when you open it and all your beloved mathematically god-like designed chips are crushed and broken...what a train wreck..

EDO Pack Thousand Island Baked Potato Flavor Potato Chips

Wow! Its rare to see such cool flavours in your local Woolies or Coles... hence why this was found at the Asian IGA @ Haymarket. Introducing the "Thousand Island Baked Potato Flavour!"

What a super exciting flavour! My hopes were aimed way too high and I was gunned down with disappointment. For $1, the bag seemed awfully light, weighing in at 46g. It tasted like a weak BBQ flavoured chip that rivals no-one.

BTW what is with the packaging... It has a burger to represent this flavour. That doesn't even make any sense.

I know EDO Pack more for their crackers/biscuits... but this hasn't deterred me from giving their range another go...

Oreo 100s & 1000s

When you hear the name Oreo, you're immediately greeted with a familiar expectation of a chocolate biscuit with white creme.

A bright colourful packaging containing Oreos (with a twist) which I quite like. They didn't venture too far into the woods with this one. Making a fairy-bread-like snack would be enough to be different yet safe enough to keep the sales up. The taste of the original Oreo is still present as you bite into it, but then you get a nice and complementary taste of the 100s and 1000s.

Just one gripe... this is the image on the box of what I'm expecting....

This is what it looks like... Dont lie to me Nabisco!!

Coles Apricot & Almond Oat Bar

There's something about snacks that contain fruit and nuts that make me want to try it.

The first ingredient listed is Condensed Milk so we can scrape off the image of a healthy snack. The first bite left me so disappointed. The apricot pieces are minimal leaving just a plain nutty flavour. As I kept eating it, I find that you can smell the light sensation of sweet milk, and it mixed nicely with the almonds and oats.

The fact that I know the condensed milk is most likely holding the bar together and I can't even taste it, is well plain rude. I've tried some of the other snacks Coles produces, and this well below their average.

I think I'll venture away from these snacks and give them some time to improve...and also wait 'til they are forced to include a Nutritional Information section

Harry's Lamington with Chocolate, Strawberry & Coconut

Why did I buy this brand? It's because the first time my fiance got it, she got it for the Pavlova flavour, which she raved on and on about. So we find ourselves in this belief that their other flavours are of the same standard. So here we go....

What we have here is a  fancy de-constructed lamington in icecream form.
I quite liked it (can't say the same about the Pavlova flavour). Tiny coconut pieces mixed with a  nice sweet chocolate aftertaste. Just like a Lamington... but always not enough chocolate. 

This young company (formed only in 1994) has a bright future ahead if they keep hitting the right flavours on the nose.