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Cadbury Egg & Spoon

In the theme of Easter.... Happy Easter to me! Thanks to my fiance for buying this for me. She saw me eyeing it at Woolies but didn't feel right forking out the "Easter rates" for chocolate!

I'm a full confessed lover of Cadbury now, especially for their latest innovation.
Firstly their packaging in a traditional egg carton that's dyed their famous-purple is pure brilliance. I feel a bit privileged to be holding this specimen to the checkout.

Another nice touch is the coloured spoons pre-packed with the product. Really loving the whole egg and spoon theme they got going.

And inside all the great marketing packaging is a beautiful egg shaped chocolate hiding a delightful white mousse.
I was getting worried that the Creme Egg was going to rule Easter forever... stand back.. we got a new contender!

Kurkure Green Chutney Rajasthani Style

Another review from the Kurkure range. This time a Green Chutney - Rajasthani Style.

To be honest... it tastes really similar to the other Kurkure snack. The crisps contains a wheaty/corn-like after taste. It has a spicy (medium to hot) kick with a tangy zing. My parents find it weird there's that sour taste in the snack. I quite enjoy it, as it breaks up the burning sensation.  If Doritos Burn needs a lesson on how to make a hot snack, seek the Kurkure range.

Apollo Milk Chocolate Wafer Cream

For $1 you get 12 chocolate coated wafers. Now that's a bargain.

I was expecting a very poor quality item for the amount money I paid..I mean what do you expect when pay $1...BUT surprisingly impressed at how nice something so simple is. A nice wafer biscuit inside that isn't soggy or chewy and simply coated by a nice-enough sweet chocolate.
It's not suppose to be gourmet and it ain't better than a Kit Kat but its definitely worth having a taste. This can be easily purchased at IGA in Haymarket.

After a week of sitting in my drawer, I realise the wafer got more tough and chewy...Gross... had to throw the rest of the packet away. I manage to power through 9 wafers by then =P 

Starburst Limited Edition Mixed Berries

You can imagine my surprise & excitement when I saw Limited Edition printed bold and proudly on this Starburst packaging. Wow! This must be fantastic!

I quickly grabbed it off the shelf and rushed back to my desk at work. Opened it hastily, struggling at the same time because I was too excited.
I don't mind that it's the same because its familiar and enjoyable. But the word limited edition made it seem more special than it really is. So if you love Starbursts and not expecting new amazing flavours. This is for you. My favourite was the blueberry one. It didn't look as nicely moulded as the others in the packet but the sizing to sweetness ratio was just right.

If you really don't like them, here's something interesting you can do with your unwanted snack:

Kurkure Hyderabadi Hungama

So what rivals Kettles Chilli Chips? This does!!!

I found this on my adventure to an Auburn Indian Grocery Store (located Northumberland Road, there are a few there but I'd say wander through them all to find yourself some bargains). This particular store, as you walked in the smell of spices opened up my multicultural senses and got me all excited for a good snack finding.

I did a small bulk buy of Kurkure products from the store (4 packets for $5) and was more than happy to see they jumped on the social media bandwagon and got themselves a Facebook page.

Today's review is of this particular product and all I can say is Wow! The spice is a medium to strong kick. It also has a nice tangy bite to it. Such a nice combination of sensations in the mouth. The burning was still lingering at least 30 minutes after I stopped eating (which was hard to do because it was that damn good).

So chilli lovers... make your way to Auburn and bulk buy some of this... you won't regret it. I'm so excited to open the other packets now.

Oreo - Peanut Butter 'n' Chocolate Creme

First off *fist bump* to my Oreo buddy for finding this and then buying it for me. This cookie takes 59 minutes to make, consists of 12 flowers, 12 dots and 12 dashes on each side and each cookie has 90 ridges. But it takes me 10 seconds to eat it....

I remember a few years ago I found a packet of peanut butter Oreos and I also remember demolishing a whole packet in one seating.

The packaging clearly indicates its from the good people of Kraft Foods Asia Pacific. They have a wider range of flavour. Oreos in China come in Green Tea as well as Double Fruit flavors such as orange and mango or raspberry and blueberry. Oreos in Indonesia come in Blueberry Ice Cream, Orange Ice Cream, Golden Vanilla and Double Delight (chocolate and peanut).

I was kinda disappointed with this. I think I hyped myself up for this failure, expecting a peanut butter explosion like that of Reese products - leaving you feeling sluggish but fulfilled. The fat kid in me made me want to open the biscuit and dump a spoon of peanut butter on it. Nonetheless I'm still an Oreo's lover and cant wait for the day they make a Double Stuffed Peanut Butter Oreo!

Market research found that while 84 percent of men ate the cookie whole, 41 percent of women pulled the cookie apart. (I eat Oreo's like a MAN!)

Cadbury Flake

The best way to describe Flake is a log of chocolate that's made of super thin layers all wrapped up. It has a super sweet taste as the Milk chocolate melts in your mouth. For me it's downfall is that it crumbles after you take a bite into it. This means chocolate on my keyboard, jeans and fingers. Personally, I like the miniature 'Treat Size' experience, as I can pop the whole piece in my mouth and avoid any catastrophes. The only problem is: Addictive + Bite Size = Where did my whole bag of Flake go?

According to a review I found, this is 'the correct way' of eating it:
DO NOT chew flake! It should be rolled around and sucked to really enjoy the flavor. Then when you're done, curl up the wrapper and pour all the crumb that have fallen directly into your mouth :)
The most interesting tidbit about Cadbury Flake is how it came about. The initial product idea was stumbled upon when a line worker noticed that machine over-runs made folds of chocolate and these folds had a very soft and flakey texture. Cadbury immediately sent the product out for market testing and research and received terrible feedback. People complained the chocolate was too soft and it literally fell apart when you opened the wrapper (I'm still complaining ><). The Cadbury 'Flake' was launched over 90 years ago and promoted as the 'crumbliest, flakiest milk chocolate in the world'. They actually used the exact 'negative attributes' from the initial research to promote the product!

So cheers to chocolate leftovers: Flake. 

Cadbury Caramello Koala

Commonly spotted in fundraising boxes is this bright yellow & purple packaged koala-shaped chocolate (sporting Calvin Klein overalls), filled with caramel. Their target audience is clearly children, but for me there's something mildly disappointing about this product - which explains why they're always the last ones left in most fundraising boxes. I can't quite put my finger on it but I think maybe a 'cost vs quantity of chocolate' issue. Though the sales figures of 40 million Caramello Koalas per year say otherwise.
I think the best part of this Cadbury product was their commercial theme song.

Sound familiar?

Lily Pilly Fruit

First up, big thanks to my co-worker for thinking of me when he decided to pick this from his garden. I'm always a believer of trying new things.

I was expecting a sweet and juicy, little berry with maybe a slightly sour aftertaste. It tasted like I shouldn't be eating it. It was bland with a slightly bitter aftertaste. I'm sure if I ever chose to eat grass, this is what it would resemble.

Fortunately there is a good use for this:

Lilly Pilly Jelly

Fruit for jelly should be fully matured, but not over-ripe. Adjust the quantities to suit the amount of fruit you have.
  • lilly pilly fruit
  • water
  • sugar
  • lemon juice


1. Put lilly pilly fruit into a preserving pan or heavy saucepan with enough water to just come to the top of the fruit but not cover it. Boil rapidly till the fruit is soft.
2. Strain through a clean cloth (eg muslin) and allow all the liquid to run through. Do not press the fruit as this may make the jelly cloudy.
3. Measure the liquid and allow a cup of sugar for each cup of liquid. Put the strained liquid, sugar and juice of a lemon into a saucepan and bring to the boil. Boil until it jells when tested on a cold plate.
4. Bottle in sterilised jars. (Hint: add extra lemon juice or use a jam setting product containing pectic, like Jamsetta, if the jelly is slow to jell.)

Kettle Chilli Chips

I'm always on the hunt for a great spicy snacks and this has to be hands down one of the best ones around.

There was a period where the brand changed management and the Chilli flavour was removed from all supermarket shelves. People lost their marbles, facebook pages emerged, blog entries were written, death threats were probably sent. This flavour has got to be one of the most popular in their range (refer to youtube chilli lover).

The after-taste: a light burning sensation leaving you craving another handful of calories. Its simple, its good and if you haven't tried it and you're a spice lover, do yourself a favour and stock up. 

Kit Kat Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate Kit Kat has the same appeal as regular Kit Kat but the slight bitterness kinda stops you from wolfing down a family block in one sitting. Personally I still prefer the original.

As I grow older my appreciation for dark chocolate increases. Is there a correlation between bitter taste buds and growing older?
FUN FACT: The average person has about 10,000 taste buds and they're replaced every 2 weeks or so. But as a person ages, some of those taste cells don't get replaced. An older person may only have 5,000 working taste buds. That's why certain foods may taste less stronger to adults.
Coffee, Beer, Dark Chocolate...and soon I'll be grabbing myself a plate of bitter melon.

As the saying goes 'Have a break, have a Kit Kat' and enjoy this ad (I need to buy some Kit Kat from India)

Freddo Chocolate Biscuits

I had to do a double take when I saw this at Woolies. Instant purchase for me... especially since it had a nice introductory price of $2.

I was contemplating purchasing Freddo's to do a review but this is way more interesting. As you can see from the above picture... the packaging did not survive a taste test before I had a chance to take a photo of it. We actually ate around half the packet to "test" at this point in time.

The snack looks simple but sometimes simplicity is the key for Cadbury and yet again they have knocked this one out of the ball park. The light airy chocolate biscuit that crumbles in your mouth and then the familiar taste of the Freddo chocolate melts all over the crushed biscuit. Since it isn't as dense as a chocolate frog, it really makes it easy to grab another and another.

It may not be one of the prettiest chocolate biscuits that has come out of the factory but this combination is perfect in my opinion. If there's another sale, I'm stocking up and saying bye bye to boring Tim Tams.  

Nature Valley Granola Bar

On my latest escapade to the local Coles, I bought myself a box of Granola Bars. I'm easily fooled by nice packaging and on-sale signs. This comes packed in two bar pouches. Personally, I prefer 10 individually wrapped items to stop me from over-snacking.

Compressed oats, tied into some fruity flavours. After the first few bites, the product starts to taste like Weet-Bix thats been soaking in milk for way too long - getting stuck on the roof of my mouth and in my teeth. A bit unpleasant. Oh and don't be fooled by the 'healthy fruit flavours' either because this item will be a 200 calorie hit.

If you're ever worried of your granola bar catching on fire when you decide to smoke and eat it, then this kid has done you a favour. If not, then the two kids making this video should be arrested, one for being a future arsonist and one for his horrible camera work.

I just noticed on the Nature Valley website that they have a peanut butter flavour bar. *drools* Oh for the non-frequent visitors of my pantry... I love peanut butter flavoured anything.

Nice & Natural Chocolate Nut Bar

Are you after a great nutty bar covered in chocolate? This ain't it but it will do.

The chocolate isn't sweet enough. The nuts aren't nutty enough... This review resembles the product:- It gives your tongue a sample of what you're expecting and then leaves you wishing you bought something else.

I'm just saying, if I was going to eat something with bad calories, I would want something that satisfied...hmm maybe a snickers? In conclusion, the item is quite below par. Which is an odd thing to say as the term 'below par' is quite funny actually. Par is a term used in golf. On par is average, below par would make you an excellent golfer. So why is below par associated with not being good?

Anyways I'm a fair bear. I've bought some of their other flavours to try. Will review and let you know. At least I know where to aim my standards.

Sara Lee's Caramel Peanut Brittle

I've been meaning to post an entry on this for ages. Bought two weeks ago, been too busy scoffing it down to write anything. I saw the words 'peanut brittle' and my eyes lit up. I saw the word 'caramel' and I knew I could convince my gf that this was worth trying (she loves caramel as much I love peanut butter). This is definitely the best flavoured icecream in their range.

The smooth icecream with a light hint of caramel flavour, then evenly spread in the container are delightful crispy surprises of peanut brittle. I'm no wordsmith and I can't describe how good this icecream is, but please please please go and try it, especially if you love the peanutty goodness.

The icecream is so good that after dinner we kick our feet up and sit in front of the telly to watch our favourite sit-coms/cooking shows and dig away 'til our bellies content.

Seadawn Fish Snacks

So my trek to Asian groceries continues. I decided to pay a lil' visit to Chinese IGA in Haymarket. It's here that I find my next treat 'Seadawn Fish Snacks'.

It was on sale for 80 cents. What a bargain!

The packaging contained their weird fish mascot. It has two mouths, a cartoon one on  his face and a normal fish one on his head. This must mean the contents contain nuclear fish like from the Simpsons. I'm sold!

A very strong fishy smell engulfed the space around me as I opened the packet and to my surprise the contents actually looked appetizing.

It tasted like a nice fish jerkey, its dry and quite chewy. I wrote down in my log that I hated it BUT as I kept chewing I realise the flavour kept diminishing, leaving almost no aftertaste. Which meant I had to keep eating it and in a few minutes the whole packet was gone. Kind of left me craving for more.

If you're sick of beef jerkey and interested in something a lil' fishy... besides its fish-monster mascot...I'd say definitely give this a try.

Everyone Says Good Good Eat

First snack for today purchased in a Asian grocery store in Chinatown Sydney (Thomas Street). It caught my attention with its red packaging, usually indicating its spicy ( and I love my spicy foods).

'Mexican Spicy Chicken Noodle snack'

If that doesn't say try me, I don't know what does. I grabbed it, paid my $1.50 and ventured back to work.

The packaging is interesting sporting a young girl pretending to be Mexican despite all the Asian writing all over the packaging. The title 'Everyone says good good eat' is very weird and interesting at the same time. I suppose if everyone says its good good eat.. then it must be good good eat.

I remember as a child I use to get those Mamee noodle snacks and the appearance and smell of this rekindles those fond memories except they take out the leg work of you seasoning you're own packet, getting seasoning all over your clothes and then realised you made it too salty.

My first initial sniff of the packaging left me in a coughing fit.. note to self... do not sniff heavily seasoned snacks.. especially chilli flavours....

What's the kick like?.. its mild but lingers a bit in the mouth. I don't mind it, I normally prefer a stronger chilli sensation from my snacks like the lingering of Chilli Kettles chips (which has got to be the best chilli snack in the market).

 So in conclusion.. I probably won't make it a regular snack in my pantry.. but I would definitely be interested in trying this brands other flavours such as Wheat Cracker Japanese Ramen. Google it, looks interesting.


What I love most in the word is snacking. Its what gets me through the day at work, those secret late nights getting out of bed and rummaging through the pantry. Snacks are the in between meals that most people disregard. There are billions of food posters out there and so little people wanting to post about snacks.

So let's start collecting...