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Peanut Cake

Peanut flavoured anything has to be good...
This is basically a more condensed and solidly built Choc Nut. It crumbles less on impact and has a pleasant peanut sensation. I would go as far as saying one of the better Asian peanut snacks out there.

This is made in Taiwan and even has a Taiwanese website on the back of the packaging. I decided to visit it, just to try and learn more information on the product and the company. The link redirected me to a site that sold random stuff and not really snacks as I was anticipating. 
Nonetheless this leaves me with no much to talk about except that I'll definitely be repurchasing this and keeping it as part of my peanut repertoire.

Salami Twiggy Sticks Hot

This is my biggest food fetish.. I love Primo Twiggy Sticks!

I've liked them since I was in primary school, holding my 50 cents and waiting in line to get one that's individually wrapped. I always chose the spicy one... Knowing now how processed it is, I still can't help but love it. Its essentially salami in a miniature stick form. The spicy edition has a very mild kick to it but won't leave you gasping for milk.

As I'm doing my research and blogging this delicious snack, I came across an article from Today Tonight (I know.. not the most reliable source in the world) and it mentioned that cold food should be kept below 5 degrees to decrease the chance of bacteria spreading. It specifically mentioned that Coles was found to have kept their Twiggy Sticks at 16 degrees... dear god... I'm infested with maggots...

Whoppers Reese Peanut Butter Flavoured Candy

Anything with the word's Reese's on it cannot be disappointing can it?
Whoppers are malted milk balls covered with a chocolate-flavored coating produced by The Hershey Company. The candy is a small, round ball about 3/4 of an inch in diameter.

I expected the same level of perfection as a surpassed it. The flavour of the peanut butter is beautiful coating a malty center. It's so easy to eat and so hard to put down. I'm excited to get my hands on some of the other flavours: Original (chocolate), Strawberry milkshake, Vanilla milkshake,   Orange milkshake and Blueberry.

Tabasco Brand Spicy Chocolate

I've never been a fan of chilli chocolate despite how I love both individually... but anything labelled Tabasco deserves a chance...
The small triangular chocolate piece is encased in a familiar coloured packaging. It's a beautiful dark chocolate with a nice soft hint of chilli flavouring. Not that I could tell it was Tabasco.
I only bought this little sampler but the snack can be bought in larger packages if you really love the spicy chocolate treat. 

Unfortunately it hasn't converted me to become a chilli chocolate lover... but I might be repurchasing this as a great party conversation starter...


I recently went on a shopping spree at Coles looking for some ol' skool classics....

This particular Chomp consists of wafer and caramel coated in milk chocolate. Apparently different versions of the bar is available in each location.The Australian version is longer and thinner than the UK version.

The taste is overpowered by a caramel filling. As you bite and pull away a cheese-like sensation is created between your teeth and the chocolate bar. I enjoyed the caramel dedication this snack has committed to.

The Australian Chomp slogan is 'It's a monster chew!', and the packaging features a green T-rex named Tyrone wearing a hat, who also featured on Australian television commercials riding a skateboard.

I'm not a big caramel fan... but the extra gooey caramel has got me intrigued...

Winka Bottle Caps - The Soda Pop Candy

So before my final days in the US of A we rushed to Walmart and did a candy shopping spree. I really can't wait for my trip to Hawaii to do the same.
The packaging is so bright and happy but what's on the inside was so not the case.

The taste of the candy are like the consistency of chewable vitamin C tablets. Or the candy braclets you might of had as a kid. The flavours aren't really obvious what is what. You can tell from the colour but a blind taste testing would leave you thinking it's pretty much all the same flavour.
It tastes a bit nicer when you slowly dissolve them in your mouth as opposed to crushing them with your mighty teeth.. even though it makes you feel like a giant.. or is that just me?

Warheads Super Sour Spray Candy

Wow! When I saw this, I had to have it.
I was never a big fan of WarHeads, especially since my first experience with them entailed trying it in the park and spitting it out so far I should have won some sort of trophy. I felt disgusted by the ultra sourness.

This on the other hand tastes like a liquify WarHead, leaving your tongue a tinge of blue where you can tell your friends your a lizard. If you're into that kind of humour...

It has a more mild sour taste that's enough to give you the sensation that you know you've just been hit by a WarHead.
This snack was such a wonderful experience and I'm so glad there's companies out there still pushing boundaries and filling our tummies with joy and excitement...

Snickers Peanut Butter

The sight of this made me jump with joy... one of my favourite chocolate bars has just been made into a peanut butter interpretation...
Despite this being so small, I'm really liking the two pieces and the fact it's turned into squares. Nothing particularly clever but at least they're trying....

As labelled on the wrapping it's filled with peanut butter, peanut and nougat and covered in milk chocolate. Nothing more, nothing less.
This new bar lacks the peanuts that made the original Snickers so great. Although they replaced it with peanut butter (how can that be a bad thing) the intensity of it somewhat isn't enough.. leaving me feeling incomplete. When you have snacks like Reese's to complete with you really need to bring your A game.

 I'm sorry Snickers... you broke my heart and your promise... you did not satisfy.

Jelly Belly Tropical Mix

As a kid my visits to the doctor would end in a sweet treat to congratulate my bravery. A colourful jar of jelly beans were always on the table...but nothing like these new super beans they've released.

This Jelly Belly range is fantastic. Even if you didn't like Jellybeans. It has a bit of something for everyone and really brings out the kid in you. Bright colours and fantastic flavours, what's not to love.

The traditional jelly bean started out with a plain center where only the outer candy coating was colored and flavoured. In later generations the jelly bean became more superior to break itself from it's own tasteless mould. The center and outer candy shell were enhanced with flavour and even used real fruit juices and natural flavours. The finished product: a Jell Belly bean that contained half the sugar of the regular bean but more flavour than any generic jelly bean sold in store.
The sight and taste of Jelly Bellies reminds me of my time in New York, walking in the candy store for ages. I know it was just candy but it was just so fascinating to see how creative things they can do.
Personally I love blind tasted Jellybellies and just guessing their flavours. Haven't nailed it yet, guess I'll just have to buy another packet....


Thanks to my fiancée's sister-in-law for the home made Polvoron - Cookies 'n' Cream flavoured. I'm a big fan of Filipino desserts because they contain ridiculous amounts of the oh-so-bad-stuff which in turn makes it oh-so-good.
A polvoron is a type of soft and crumbly shortbread made of flour, sugar, milk and nuts. The Filipino version of the polvoron uses a large amount of powdered milk which is left dry, as well as toasted flour, and butter or margarine instead of lard.

Typical polvoron flavours include polvoron with cashew nut, polvoron with pinipig (pounded and toasted young green rice, similar to crisped rice) and polvoron with malunggay leaves.

The flavours that got me more interested are the chocolate coated, purple yam and peanut polvorons. 

The initial bite caused the shortbread to crumble and break. All the more reason to pop the whole thing your mouth. Handle it with care or you'll end up with a de constructed polvoron really quickly. The polvoron was slightly salty (for some reason I was expecting it to be super sweet) but that's because the chocolate biscuit of the Oreo is slightly salty. Texture was nice and soft and melted in your mouth to a paste. 

I love these Filipino crumbly snacks.. just like Choc Nut....

Dave's Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce

Wow so excited when I saw this at Granville Markets in Vancouver. A market stall with a small selection of chilli sauces. I think my time in Canada and America was filled with chilli adventures.
It had to be wrapped carefully amongst my clothes. So worried that it'd explode in my suitcase and eat through all my stuff.

It has always been on my to-do list to try ghost chilli... but the sauce is probably as brave as I can go. This sits at a massive 650,000 scoville units. Hotter than the last bottle I got. I'm still keen on buying a bottle at the 1 million scoville unit mark.

It's definitely hot. A nice initial taste which is slowly over run by heat, heat and then more heat. I gave it to my workmate and he was coughing for about 30 minutes. Probably not best to be consumed on its own, but where's the fun in that?

So my cousin took me to Wing Dome in Seattle. I attempted a 7 alarm hot wing. I manage to get 2 bites of one wing and the chilli sensation was so strong that my lip was still tingling the next morning. According to the waitress there's pure capsaicin powder mixed in the sauce. Hence the unbelievable burn it delivers.

My other experience was out of a page from Man VS Food. We hit Portland and we had to go to Salvador Molly's and try the Great Balls of Fire. Unfortunately before hand we had some lunch and I was bit full so we decided not to do the eating challenge and just ordered one each. The waitress made a mistake and gave us 5 Habernero Fritters between 3 people. Looking around you notice a warning sign.. that's when you know things just got serious.

My fiancée managed to almost finish one, my cousin took a bite and called it quits, and me (being so Asian) felt it was a waste so I polished off 3. Dear God.. that was a mistake. After sculling down a glass and a half of cold milk, I ran to the bathroom trying to wash the insane burn off my mouth. That didn't work. I started to try and wipe the chilli off with a napkin. That didn't work.
We decided to leave, I just sat there with my tongue hanging out feeling delirious...10 minutes in was the most painful experience of my life. The chilli reached my stomach and was burning everything in sight. I was sweating non stop and tossing and turning in my seat. I felt like everything was melting from the inside out... next thing I know I'm running down a free-way trying to get fresh air and running into a petrol station, spending over an hour in the bathroom (mind you the peeing sensation felt like needles coming out) and in-taking all this antacid and milk.

My stomach was stuffed up for a day and a half. What a chilli experience I'll never forget....

Blair's Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage

What's more fantastic than seeing people say they can handle chilli taking a few drops of this and running for a glass of milk?

These sauces are extremely hot. Measuring in at a massive 550,000 scoville units. How does that compare to a sauce you might have tasted? Well Tabasco sauce is 5000 scoville units, which makes this sauce 110 times hotter.

This sauce set me back around $20 back in the days but its under $10 easily now.

If a sauce comes with a warning and tells you not to use it without diluting... its just daring you to...
This sauce really pays for itself considering the amount of times people psych themselves up to do a few drops on a teaspoon. Fun to watch but have some milk or ice-cream on the side to ease that burning.

Personally my favourite is to put a few drops with BBQ sauce for a nice spicy BBQ sensation. Totally recommended for all chilli lovers.
Well there's plenty of people out there doing stupid things with chilli sauce. This one is one of the best 'cause his nuts. Enjoy!

Soft Centres Triple Choc Chip Cookies

White chocolate chips and gooey choc centres.. yum!

The oozing center on the packaging attracted my eye
The biscuit taste like flour and sugar. The chocolate flavour is lost amongst all the sugar unfortunately. The oozing center is thin and disappointing and did not live up to the picture (though what product does?)

The after taste has residues of desiccated coconut. Overall it taste like another cheap product trying to break into an over saturated chocolate cookie market.

Kino Mangga

I realise that I should have bought more snacks in Bali when I had the chance... here's what I managed to grab.

A nice chewy mango candy that has an initial taste of plastic but as you endure through the nice flavour of artificial mango comes through and it's quite pleasant.

Unfortunately nothing fancy nor special. Great to carry in the pocket if you need that little sugar boost on hikes.

Reminds me of Sugus... hmmm now I feel like finding some Sugus.. they were some good chewy candies when I was a kid.

Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Thins

Another snack from the wonderful Hunter Valley Chocolate Company. The snack was purchased by my fiance and her fascination with honeycomb and all things pretty.

I have to agree how amazing the pattern on the chocolate looks. Shame its broken into pieces to cater for the tiny plastic packaging.

I think the chocolate is just sweet enough but definitely needs more than the sporadic honeycomb pieces that it offers.  As far as tastes go, I don't think it offers anything mind blowing nor even "Wow I need to tell my friends" but it would make a nice looking gift.

Come to think of it... i talk up this shop quite a bit but I've yet to find anything amazingly delicious....

Blair's Death Rain Jolokia Pepper

I was in shock when I saw this... how can something so good exist... chilli heaven here I come.
I glazed over at the packaging. I'm really excited when a snack gets rated WTF?!

I opened the bag like a kid at Xmas. I was surprised not to be hit in the face by a chilli fly kick.
Oh no, it's not spicy... at least that's what I thought...
The initial taste of the chip is nice. It only had a mild kick and the potato flavour is fantastic as well.

Suddenly the chilli levels rose from mild to a nice kick like from Kettles.Then that kept increasing and I started to cough and the chilli sensation lingered for about 40 minutes or so from 3 pieces of chip. This is freaken amazing because it's one of the hottest chip snacks I've eaten. Totally worth the $4.50 price tag.

For the brave this can be purchased at Golden Banana in Top Ryde shopping center.
Also a nice touch is the back story they have. Explains the names of their sauces and his passion.

Warning: I got home and tried snacking on this and wolfed down 5 pieces. My stomach wasn't good for a few hours.

Here's a link my workmate sent me randomly which happen to work with this blog. (BTW I got that chilli sauce and will review it soon)

Hersheys Chocolate Syrup

This has been sitting in my fridge for half a year now and as a chocolate lover this has got to be one of the most handy things to have around (my waistline disagrees though).

This is sold at Costco at the ridiculous size of 1.36kg. I've been tempted to eat this straight from the bottle but I'm sure my heart would stop midway through.

So instead I've resulted in using it as ice-cream topping, especially works well with Blue Ribbon Vanilla Ice Cream. My latest craze with it is to make milkshakes. 

My 'I've Gone To Heaven' Milkshake recipe:

Vanilla Icecream
Crumbled up Oreos
Hersheys Chocolate Syrup
Crushed Peanuts
Full Cream Milk
Peanut Butter

N.B The amount of each ingredient is adjustable to preference.

Tic Tac Fruit Adventure

I'm such a sucker for advertisements. Saw the ad on TV and next thing I know I'm walking out of Woolies with a packet.

First taste...Yum! Tastes just like a packet of Nerds. There is no minty taste, only a nice & strong fruity taste as claimed. Also has a sour after-kick. I'm really liking it and at only 2 calories per Tic Tac, you can eat until you're hearts content.

Flavours inside are: Apple, Orange, Passionfruit and Cherry.

Just noticed there's no Nutritional Information on Tic Tac packets. This got me curious... Apparently if the package size has a surface area of less than 100cm2 it is not required to have an ingredient or nutritional panel. Interesting... you learn something new everyday.

99% of people eat their Tic Tacs all wrong... 

I've been eating my Tic Tacs like a Boss ever since I found out I've been eating it wrong all my life... 

Watch and learn!

Ocean Spray Craisins Dried Cranberries

So my mum goes... you need to eat healthier... and suddenly I'm convinced to change my snacking habits to include this....

First off, I love resealable packaging. This should be enforced feature of all snacks.. think of all the hours saved where I don't need to find clips to seal my snacks! Instead the marketing department uses useless tactics like mentioning on the package how it doesn't fat... what's fat got to do with Craisins?

It's enjoyable for something that's suppose to be good for you. Which I'm sure it's not..*double checks nutritional facts* Wow... a nice sugar content percentage of 65.

I personally mix these with Goji berries. The over-sweetness in this balances well with the dried bitter taste of the goji berries and conveniently they both can be purchasable at Costco.

Thanks Mum for the snack advice... unfortunately this and the Goji berries sit untouched in my fridge...

Arnott's Farmbake Chocolate Chip Fudge

The classic chocolate chip cookie.. and made by such a reputable company! What can go wrong?

The chocolate chips were not plentiful enough with very small specks throughout the biscuit. Though on the positive side it was an even consistency but just not enough chocolate chips to satisfy the palate. 

There was also a weird hollowness to the biscuit like each one was filled with air. I suppose it gives you that "I need to keep eating" feeling because the snack felt so incomplete.

There's so many chocolate chip biscuits out there and this one can easily fade into the background and be forgotten. Maybe that's why it was also in the reject section of Coles....

Griffin's Choco-ade

I found these sitting almost on the lonesome amongst the leftover Easter eggs...

"The Great Kiwi Comeback"? This perplexed me so I did some further digging. Choco-ade were introduced in the 80's in NZ and have been off the market for around two decades. A Kiwi mum, Amber Johnson, started a Facebook page to try and bring back the biscuit. It received over 14000 supporters. She even was on hand during the taste-testing process to ensure that the biscuits perfectly replicated the original.

She fought so hard for them to be sitting in the reject section in Coles. Can't it at least sit amongst the other biscuits in the correct aisle?

The biscuit has an orange flavoured filling and a hard chocolate top encased in a bland and crumbly biscuit. Once you take a bite of all the elements together, its a nice sensation of a perfect chocolate-orange balance. Even though I never grew up with these, the taste is familiar and it's mainly because it tastes like a Jaffa in a biscuit.

Maybe this calls for another trip to Coles before these "rejects" become popular...

Cadbury Creme Egg

Classic Easter treat. It's pricey for what it is.. but how could I resist...
If you're a chocolate lover and you haven't had one of these.... you don't know what you're missing out on. Seriously, why are you still reading, go out and find one. Of all the Easter eggs out there, easily top 3 for me. Sure you can fork out extra money and go get some fancy pants Easter egg from Haigh's... but I still think it won't beat this Easter classic.

As you bite into this delicious egg you're mouth is drowned by a sweeten mess. The idea is that its a chocolate egg filled with a yellow and white fondant to imitate a normal egg. It's just blissful. Though it might be overpowering sweet for some... I think you just have to forget the calories on this one because you only live once...

Glutinous Corn

This looked amazingly interesting when I first saw it in Haymarket. A corn that's shrink wrapped and multicoloured. Fascinating. Apparently its been around for ages (doh!) and it's one of those foods that you can only enjoy if you grew up with it.
Glutinous corn is its name. When I finally get that tight wrapping off it, it just smells like a normal corn to me. Not the super sweet smell of candied corn as I expected.
I took my first bite... dear god... what did I just put in my mouth... its horrible...I really wanted to spit it out...the corn tastes like its been sitting on a tampon all day and it's all dried out. Not juicy at all as it might look. My closest comparison is that its like eating a sauce-less baked bean with a mushy, starchy centre and a slightly tougher skin around it.

There's apparently many ways to eat it... like how I did or cook it on the grill... I didn't bother grilling it, it was left untouched in the fridge for a week and then it was binned... and I'm happy with that...