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Poppin Microwave Popcorn - Cheese

So my fiance sees an ad on TV for cheese flavoured microwave popcorn and the next thing you know we're roaming around Woolies wondering why this isn't on the shelves yet.

Fortunately she was able to locate it at our non local supermarket. Finally got her hands on one! I'm normally a Triple Butter kinda bear (because double butter just isn't giving me the full heart-attack commitment I need in a snack). I personally didn't really enjoy the Cheese flavour. Its not that it was bad, it just wasn't as cheesy as it could be. Maybe they're saving it for their new flavour Triple Cheese. We can only hope. Though the overall survey of our guests during movie night was all yay's for Cheese popcorn. It was demolished in a few minutes! You be the judge, spend the $1.70 and have your say!