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Pringles Extreme Screamin' Dill Pickle

Wow I love pickles... I got a pickle.. I got a pickle hey hey hey hey....(Little Rascals reference for those who aren't familiar). I did really feel like that when I got my hands on one of these.
So I'm the guy at maccas looking down at my cheeseburger wishing they would have added extra pickles to it...not the the ones picking it out and leaving it on the side like it's a disease.

When you open the can, I couldn't help but cough because the pickle smell was intense. It really consumed the air around me with the essence of pickles.

No doubt, it was delicious though with a light sour taste covering a perfectly carved chip as always. It's a very pickle-like resemblance and definitely worth a try.

Upon more research there's a whole range of extreme stronger flavours out there. I feel the need to go on a pic-a-nic refill mission and get my paws on the chilli one...