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Mie Goreng Sambal Balado

So first up a big thanks my fiancĂ©e's brother for providing me this. I was quite excited to try this as I've always been a Mamee fan. The one and only noodle snack to rely on as a child. 
The issue with Mamee was always the seasoning. It was messy, you couldn't get the mixture right, I didn't crush the noodle properly and it just didn't mix evenly. There were just issues in general with it but it was the best one around.

This tries to replicate Mie Goreng. Honestly the flavour doesn't really resemble it at all but in saying that the flavour is still fantastic. Not just salty but actual flavours of onion, garlic, salt. It did leave an after taste of eating the instant noodles. Unfortunately they only come in a tiny packet. I love how its all evenly premixed, crush and just read to eat. 
Need to go find my local stockist and add them to my snacking pile.