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Freddo Chocolate Biscuits

I had to do a double take when I saw this at Woolies. Instant purchase for me... especially since it had a nice introductory price of $2.

I was contemplating purchasing Freddo's to do a review but this is way more interesting. As you can see from the above picture... the packaging did not survive a taste test before I had a chance to take a photo of it. We actually ate around half the packet to "test" at this point in time.

The snack looks simple but sometimes simplicity is the key for Cadbury and yet again they have knocked this one out of the ball park. The light airy chocolate biscuit that crumbles in your mouth and then the familiar taste of the Freddo chocolate melts all over the crushed biscuit. Since it isn't as dense as a chocolate frog, it really makes it easy to grab another and another.

It may not be one of the prettiest chocolate biscuits that has come out of the factory but this combination is perfect in my opinion. If there's another sale, I'm stocking up and saying bye bye to boring Tim Tams.