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Burgerzilla @ Loaf & Devotion

So after a long walk into the city to run an errand, I made sure to take a slight detour and stop off at one of these places I researched. A place that self proclaims to have the best pulled pork in Sydney.

It was 12:30pm and the place had only a few customers eating inside... probably due to the lack of air-con. They might have opted to purchase their meal and sit at the park across the road. A long line eventually built up for their coffee but I made a beeline to the burger.
Their menu was extensive, with so many choices.... I ended up just asking what the waitress recommended and to no surprise she recommends me the most expensive pulled pork burger on the menu. Sure give me the Burgerzilla. I credit carded her $11.50.

The burgerzilla consisted of pulled pork, beef, bacon, swiss, cheddar, onions and greens. Yes three different types of meat slapped onto one burger. How excitement!

When the plate hit the table I literally had an O-M-G moment as the meat looked like it was trying to escape from my burger. I like sloppy burgers but this is beyond ridiculous. It was no longer a burger you can pick up and eat, but instead I used the knife and fork to devour this beast. Which by the way I hate to do... Burgers are most enjoyed in your hands.

The first bite reminded me of a meatlovers pizza almost to the tee. From the meatiness to the hint of a sweet smoky BBQ sauce.

I tried to break it off into separate parts... the beef was bland on its own.. and dry. The pulled pork had all the flavour. The soft shredded meat was soaked in sauce and tasted great. Bacon wasn't particularly crunchy but just another layer of meat to get through.

I rarely say this but I started to struggle halfway through. It was way too meaty and I never thought I'd say that too. It felt like it needed more sauce than just the flavoured pulled pork.... especially when your bite didn't contain any... the other meats, bread and greens was just too hard to get through without constantly sculling down a glass of water.
Overall I love the look of the burger. I love its sloppiness, it's in-your-face wow factor, the flavour of the pulled pork. My dislikes is that I wish they made it smaller just so that  I could pick it up and eat it, a better balance of sauce to meat ratio, and charge me less for all the extra meat I didn't need.