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Chicken Burger @ Frango's

Funny enough we've had three different people mention to us about three different stores and claiming their chicken burger is to die for. Ironically all three places were of the same company: Frango's. 

As we stand in line waiting for a table on a Thursday night, the anticipation grew stronger. Look around the neighbourhood in Petersham.. it's pretty much Portugal. Every 2nd restaurant is selling chicken and only this one is booming with a line out the door. 

We finally got a seat after 15 minutes.. with a near argument with the girls behind us trying to push in and just be seated without a booking. They eventually left half annoyed but who cares, good riddance to the impatient.

Yet again more waiting after you were seated for a menu. The problem isn't that the staff is rude.. it's that they are severely under staffed. I only saw 2 people serving tables and with that many customers they need to invest in some more hands. 
The home made sliced potatoes looked fantastic on the table next to us so we ordered that. Only bits of it was crunchy and it basically was a salted, thinly sliced potato. Suppose the name didn't lie... just thought it'd be a bit more amazing.

Finally my infamous chicken burger arrived. First problem was I ordered a single fillet and got a double. Secondly... Where's my sauce? That in itself was a 15-20 minute. In the meantime we manage to pick away at 30% of the burger. 
The chicken itself was surprisingly not that dry and tasted quite juicy. Bread was ordinary and the lettuce and tomato tasted fresh. The chilli and mayo is the savior of this meal. Once added it was a completely different burger. Unfortunately by then I was so hungry.. I devoured it without taking any photos. But here's a tip, make sure you order the chilli and mayo beforehand to save yourself the problem. 
The burger is pretty darn good. The chilli sauce for me didn't have enough kick and was a bit mild for my liking. Overall a burger I'd definitely recommend if you're in the area.