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Morinaga Choco Ball

I studied Japanese for many years in high school and found that I've never really had a chance to use it. Is reading snack packaging the true purpose of this skillset...I manage to decipher this to say Choco Balls.
So my fiancĂ©e brings home this small packet and tells me to try... It was already opened and had sticky tape on it to keep the box from releasing all the choco balls everywhere. 

Morinaga has established deep roots in the daily lives of Japanese with their confectionery products. Some of their long selling products that their customers are familiar with include: Morinaga Biscuits, Chocoball, DARS chocolate, Koeda chocolate and HI-CHEW candy.
Its a chocolate ball with caramel inside. Has a chewy consistency. It's sweet enough but just ins't my thing. I manage to eat 2-3 and the packets been sitting on our kitchen counter ever since. I doubt I'd be tempted to buy it again if given the chance.

I was surprised that a Youtube search manage to bring a result for this. Enjoy this catchy tune and apparent making process of this snack.